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[One-shot] Home is Wherever I'm With You

Title: Home is Wherever I'm With You
Author: pimanzero
Pairing: Sakumoto
Genre: fluff
Rating: PG
Words Count: 1.869
Disclaimer: Only happens in my imajinesyon~
Summary: Sho used to think that his decision to take Jun runaway with him was the best for them. He used to think that Jun must be happy to be with him. But after some time living on the run, he realized that he might be wrong. Jun might not be that happy to be with him.

A/N: The title is taken from a quote I read somewhere (I forgot where exactly though *bricked*), and despite the summary, this really is not an angst story xD enjoy!


"Jun, are you happy?"Collapse )
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[Ficlet] Stained

Title: Stained
Author: pimanzero
Pairing: Ohno Satoshi x Haru
Genre: fluff (?), slice of life
Rating: G
Words count: 714
Disclaimer: just in my imagination
Sumarry: For this once, Satoshi feels grateful for his paint-stained hands.


Satoshi reflexively offers his free hand to that girl, attempting to help her gets up from the ground. "Are you okay?"Collapse )

[One-shot] Sharing Sheet and Sleep-Talking

Title: Sharing Sheet and Sleep-Talking
Author: mabopiman
Pairing: Sakumoto
Genre: Crack-ish
Rating: PG-15 (some swearing)
Word count: 1.370
Disclaimer: Fictional. I own no one and nothing.
Summary: Sho thinks that Jun is interested in him, and he finds a way to prove that it's true.


"Jun," Sho said when he saw Jun emerged from the bathroom. He lifted the sheets and smiled awkwardly, "There's only one sheet. Do you mind.........?"Collapse )
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